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Business Mindset Coach, and Self Love Guru. With 3 businesses I built from the ground up, I help women entrepreneurs build their brands and self confidence so they can succeed at anything their heart desires. I want to push you past your limits and help you step out of the box towards the life you want and deserve. 

As a former struggling bartender and makeup artist who had no direction in her life nor the confidence to succeed, I know how it feels to be lost and burnt out without any reward or hope for the future. Constant disappointments, interviews for jobs you don’t want, and wasting your time around low vibe people is what I was experiencing. Finally, after having my energy drained from relationships, manipulation, and fear, I decided to take my life into my own hands and start manifesting the future I knew I deserved.

Hey Babe

I started my blog Full of Sips in 2017 and I was terrified! I engrossed myself with highvibe women entrepreneurs who pushed me to my fullest potential. I invested in networking groups and photography classes to uplevel my skills. I met new and creative friends who helped me build my blog and create strategic content. Soon after, I started getting invited to apply to brand collaborations and promotional events where I was able to expand and grow my blog even more. After becoming exhausted and burnt out from accepting too many free collabs and events, I made a vow that I was going to start concentrating on making money from my page and blog.

 I started to manifest collaborations that were aligned with me, and aligned with my brand. I stopped taking dinky $100 collaborations that had nothing to do with Full of Sips. I started saying NO to anything that was not worth my time, even relationships! I eventually was able to weed out what was and wasn’t working for me, and I decided to solely put my focus towards my passions and what gave me joy to build and grow on.  

In return, I was able to manifest the perfect collaborations, perfect brands to work with, and the perfect soul mate. I started easily attracting clients as soon as I came up with my strategy to grow my brand in a professional manner which led me to now make consistent 4 figures from brand collaborations alone! I have a Media Management company where I’m able to assist accounts on growing their brand strategically via social media and I have an amazing team of spiritual besties who I love working with. 

I travel on a consistent basis and recently was able to take my team to the Bahamas for a media project and collaborations where we spent 4 days having the best time on a gorgeous island with bougie team dinners, a snorkeling tour, and of course lot’s of island sips! I am so grateful I can work from anywhere in the world and I have the Freedom to take time off as needed, because I’m the BOSS!

Is this real life?! Someone pinch me!

I am obsessed with wanting to help women entrepreneurs find their voice in business and self love and start creating the life of their dreams. So many women want to uplevel and live to their highest potential, but they don’t know where to start. 

 I’m now the proud owner of 3 businesses, and I want to show you that you can work for yourself too! Come Manifest with me and I will show you that life can be so much more abundant and fulfilling that you could even imagine. #ManifestwithAlexis

I’m here for you Babe!

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It's me, Alexis!

I’m obsessed with showing YOU how to reach your highest potential through the power of manifest and self love.