BADASS Creator Academy with Manifest with Alexis

I want to be a badass creator! 

Realize your WORTH as a Creator, Influencer, or Woman Entrepreneur so you can start attracting aligned clients, grow your audience, and get paid for time you put into your online business. 

How would you feel if someone could be your #bizbestie and hold your hand through the process of growing your following and starting to attract aligned clients or brands?

And what if that led you to a more fulfilled life as a creator who:

Finally gets PAID for the time she puts into her online business 

SCALES her business to make multiple 4-figure months

Works consistently with ALIGNED clients &  collaborations

Travels for FREE to hotels and restaurants around the globe

Gets to work from ANYWHERE she wants

Becomes the CONFIDENT Badass that allows her to stand out in her industry

Hi Babe! I’m Alexis and I’m your #Bizbestie who wants to see YOU vibe and thrive in this crazy fun world of social media. 

Let's Vibe!

BADASS creator Academy is an intensive 8 week program

for the Babe who wants to up-level her success, scale her finances, and find the confidence to start getting the money she deserves for the time she puts into her online business. 

This program is for you if:

You are a Content Creator, Influencer, or Woman Entrepreneur with an online business

You have already created some sort of brand for yourself but it hasn’t seem to take off

You want to create an amazing page and don’t know where to start

You want to make money from brand collaborations 

You want to travel consistently working for yourself 

You want to overall UP-level yourself and your success

This program is NOT for you if:

You are not a Content Creator, Influencer, or Woman Entrepreneur with an online business

You do not want to be part of a BADASS babes community

You do not want to invest in yourself

You have a bad attitude towards women who succeed

You don’t like the idea of working towards a specific goal 

You expect to be a millionaire after this program 

I want to be a badass creator!

What you will learn and Manifest in BCA

This is an 8 week intensive program led by Alexis Amato where you will step into your full potential in your online business so you can start scaling consistent money. You will join in on 8 weekly pre-recorded modules that Alexis will lead on important aspects of growing your online business. With 2 bonus modules, you will meet and gain knowledge from one of the industry’s elite Influencers in brand collaborations, content creation, and travel. Most importantly, you will become a BADASS Babe who no longer allows herself to work hard for something that doesn’t pay-off. 

BADASS Mindset

Uncovering your fears and limiting beliefs

Stepping into confidence

Becoming a Money Magnet

Clearing Your Niche

Who do you want to attract

Defining the problem you solve

Creating profitable strategy

Content creation day 1- photography

Editing applications

Best practices with phone/camera

Confidence and ways to pose

growing a following & engaging with your audience

Find the perfect audience

Effective ways to stay engaged

Giveaways and pods- Are they really worth it?

Modules Covered

Modules Covered

Content Creation day 2- video

Tik toks/reels/stories

Brand content

Story telling

Authentic marketing strategy

Why showing up as yourself is so important

Selling to aligned clients and collaborations

Different types of marketing for your brand

Creating Networking opportunities

Promoting your Brand

Forming a community

Create visibility

monetizing your brand

Media Kits

Reaching out to possible opportunities with confidence 

Setting your rates


past bba graduate 

"Also- I just wanted to give you a big virtual hug - I just locked a 6 month collaboration contract with Aerofarms and it's thanks in part to you and your classes" 

- past bba graduate  

WHAT past babes are saying


past bba graduate 

"BBA was an excellent program totally worth every penny. Alexis walked us through every step of blogging on Instagram and brought in other resources to learn even more. I would highly recommend this program to" anyone looking to level up there IG game.

-  Collen

WHAT past babes are saying


past bba graduate 

"Working with Alexis has truly allowed me to step into a new found confidence.  BBA was so beneficial in so many ways; without a doubt, this is her "zone of genius" I really enjoyed working with her for so many reason, and she truely is the LEVEL of which I want to obtain in my own business. I admire how down to earth she is and how direct she was with me the entirely of the program "sometimes we need this to get out of our own way" Alexis is someone who has absolutely my perspective/focus for the better for not just my business but for me

-  jessica

WHAT past babes are saying




badass brand collaborations & lifestyle with

How to create travel content like a BADASS with your babe @fullofsips 

i want to be a badass creator!

What's included with BcA:

Weekly support from Alexis via Facebook Group ($800 value)
8 BADASS Modules leaded by Alexis ($3,400 value)
2 Bonus Modules with reputable industry professionals ($1,000)
(1) 30 minute 1:1 kick-off session for the babes who pay in full ($200)

Total Value: $ 5,400

$1499 Pay in full

4 monthly payments of $399

6 monthly payments of $299

10 monthly payments of $199

your investment $1499

OR check out these payment plan options below 

Hi Babe, I’m Alexis Amato, Influencer, mindset coach, and SHEO of my own life!

I used to be the Creator who constantly accepted free collaborations, events, and just about anything I could get my hands on to promote by Biz until I found myself BURNT OUT and hating what I was doing to my brand. My page became inconsistent from posting about pretty much anything, and I lost sight of why I started this online business in the first place. 

I quickly realized it was because I had NO DIRECTION. 

Two years ago, I decided to take my life into my own hands and started working with coaches to uplevel myself. I quickly realized how to create strategic content and started saying NO to free or low paid collaborations or clients. I stopped attending events where I had to give a lot of my energy without anything in return. For what? In hopes someone would repost me or recognize me? Not worth it girl!

Now that I’ve realized my worth, I have went from unemployment to 6 figures in my business in just little over ONE YEAR. As an Influencer, I have several ONGOING collaborations with quality brands such as Shapermint and Mission Tortillas that pay up to $1K for ONE collaboration with my micro following. I travel consistently with hotel and restaurant collaborations and I only work with clients or brands that align with me. 

If this sounds like goals you want to get too, then let’s Manifest them together Babe! I’m ready to be your #bizbestie.

Let’s Vibe!



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It's me, Alexis!

I’m obsessed with showing YOU how to reach your highest potential through the power of manifest and self love.